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like mi thongs?

Byron beach

Byron streets

at the movies

with our popcorn!

hello you guys

we have moved another 5hrs up the coast to the party town of Byron Bay. and wow its hot up here! (sorry guys!) We have had to up our sun factor protection, even though we are already brown coz the sun is so strong, and this is nowt compared to queensland apparently! Can't wait!

Byron lives up to its reputation, its small with a beautiful white sandy beach, which is full of surfers and beach godesses (me and James fit right in!) We went to the hostel barbacue last night then out on the town. it was a good night, we even made some new norwegian friends. So today we have soothed our headaches around the pool and had a doss round town. There was a cool open air movie on down by the beach so we took our popcorn and went to watch that. It showed all the cool extreme sports and alot of surfing, it was cool and passed the night. We spent the next day on the beach, even though it was cloudy we still needed suncream, the heat is relentless here!

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