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Hangin at king arthurs birthplace

Merlins cave

Susanne blowin in the wind

view from the castle

me with the view

Cheddar gorge

cheddar gorge 2

Glastonbury abbey

inside the abbey

king arthurs original tomb

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windy much?

This morning we went over to Tintagel Castle (King Arthur's birthplace) It's now just a ruin of what would have been an amazing castle. It's high up on a cliffside. It was so windy up there that it knocked Sarah over haha. You could lean into the wind and it would hold you up it was that strong.

We made our way to Glastonbury home to the big music festival (not held this year) where some of went to the Abbey there. King Arthur's body was found buried there but has since been moved. It was a cool place to visit and see. Not all the building are still standing today. But parts of walls are still up.

Glastonbury is a very hippyish kind of town. There are a lot of hemp and incence stores selling all kinds of hippy like things. Pretty cool place.

We drove through Cheddar Gorge but we were too late to get any cheddar cheese as the stores closed early that day. Shucks. Cheddar Gorge is basically Englands version of the grand canyon but nothing like it at all haha.

We stayed in the city of Bath for the night.

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