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Catching the train,subway to DC.

First stop the Washington Monument. That spot on the lawn is Ava.

View of the Lincoln Memorial from the Washington Monument.

Of course the tourists.

The Capital Building from the Washington Monument..

Next stop The Jefferson Memorial.

A Jefferson quote. How we forget our country was formed in the...

Next stop the Lincoln Memiorial.

This is what Ava really really wanted to see.

And of course the tourists again.

From the Lincoln Memorial.

The Vietnam Memorial.

Very solemn place.

Riding the Circulator Bus. They charge 0.50 each time you get on.

Next stop the Capital Building.

Ava in a closeup.

Union Station.

Replica of the Liberty Bell.

Inside Union Station -Not New York, but it is pretty good sized.

Finally the White House.

Almost to the point you cannot see it.

Back to the campground and the splash park.

After this the pool.

We got up and headed to the subway station. We were on it around 9:00.

We had purchased a SmarTrip card during the orientation when we arrived yesterday. It was 14 dollars for the three of us. When we got to the train station we added $9.00 to both senior cards and an additional 5.10 for parking to just one card. We will use the cards for the subway, and to ride the Circulator bus to the major monuments. The bus has 15 different stops which covers all the monuments. It is hop on and hop off. Never more than a 10 minute wait. Each time we got on it took $.50 off our card. Ava did not have to pay any additional fees.

Weather was in the 70's and a little humid. Our pictures show our day. We had lunch near the Vietnam Memorial. Besides the bus we still did a lot of walking. The fitness app on our IPhone said we walked 14,768 steps, 6.54 miles. We were home around 5:30 and exhausted. Ava wasn't done for the day. She went straight to the playground, then the splash park and then the swimming pool.

It was a great day and we were happy to be able to take Ava to experience DC. She is certainly keeping us active. Plus a little Advil!

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