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The embankment for initial attack by the Colonials against the British.

Standing on the embankment.

And their cannons.

Walking out to the advancement Redoubts.

The advance area.

Close range cannons

The room in the Moore House where the articles of compitulation for...

The articles.

This was a very impressive plaque of the surrender, that we could...

Where the surrender took place.

The road they march down to surrender. Cornwallace played sick.

Ava wanted a beach with waves, so we drove to Virginia Beach.

The beach looking South.

And North.

How to make sandcastles with dry sand.

Worn out, driving home.

Ava was promised we would take her to one more beach.

First we took a drive through the historic battlefields of Yorktown. It's amazing how they can actually explain from the exact location what took place there. This a National Historical Park showing where the actual battles took place, the home where the surrender was negotiated, to where the formal surrender ceremony actually took place. This was the site of the last major battle of the Revolutionary War.

We then headed up I95 looking for beaches. We found a couple on the River. Ava wanted the ocean with real waves. We drove into Virginia Beach and found the ocean. It was late afternoon and a good time to be on the beach with the sun starting to go down. She had a great time.

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