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On a ferry

View from Watson's Bay

Mo likes to research destinations, including interviews with those who either live in or have visited a destination.

After research, she makes what amounts to checklists.

In our Morocco travel group, we had six or seven folks who lived in Sydney currently or recently. A treasure chest of suggestions, to say the least. Among them:

Tour the opera house.

Ride a ferry to Watson's Bay.

Have fish and chips at Doyle's.

Visit Manly Beach.

See the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Walk Sydney's Harbor Bridge.

Check, check, check, check, and check.

Opinions on what is worth seeing vary. We were on the fence about Canberra. Several folks from the Sydneysiders in Morocco group suggested it wasn't worth the time.

We decided to visit Canberra for just one night. We prebooked transport and lodging.

Then we met older strangers at a bus stop, Brits visiting Sydney by way of South Africa.

"Canberra is wonderful," they gushed. "You'll love it."

Now Mo is talking two nights in Canberra.

Most likely some kind of checklist will follow.

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