John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

Durango Silverton Train Ride

Bus Ride

Coal Is First Pass

Bus Ride

Molas Is Second Pass

Molas Pass

Molas Pass

Molas Pass

Molas Pass

Silverton Arrival




Great Food

Highest Harley Davidson Shop



Train Is Ready To Leave

Train Route

Follow The River

Pick Up Hikers

Animas River

We Climb

Long Way Down

A Pass


Horseshoe Curve

Heading To Durango

Back At The Campground

It has been a full day.

We take the motorcycle to town. We are signed up for the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Trip.

We board a bus at 10:00. It is an hour and a half ride to Silverton. This includes going over two passes. The scenery is spectacular!

We have two and a half hours in Silverton. This gives us plenty of time for lunch.

After lunch we walk the mining town. John finds the Silverton Harley Davidson Shop. It advertises itself as the highest HD shop in the country.

I buy a rock from a young girl sitting by the train tracks. The rock is from the Silverton Mine. My rock contains some silver and some fool’s gold. I ask the price. It is “Pick a Price.” I bet she is getting rich!

We board the train for a three and a half hour ride back to Durango. This is a long train ride! At first we follow the river. We eventually climb a pass. We stop to pick up some hikers. We stop to pick up some rafters. For the entire trip, we rock back and forth.

This is a must do train ride. Although it is a long day, it is a great day!

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