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Medora to Jamestown

Grain silos and hay storage

Western edge of Central Time Zone

Passing by the Dickinson Elks that we visited last night

"Geese in Flight" metal sculpture on a hill

Shady farmhouse and cattle

Entering Central Time

Many pointed hills

Long rolling road ahead

Prairie Potholes, freshwater marshes

What is this ?

Why, it's Salem Sue, Giant Holstein

A photo from the internet, close up

New Salem, ND

Farm along eroded sandstone & potholes

Lewis, Clark & Sacegewa Interpretive Center on the Missouri

Entering Bismarck, ND

Bismarck Elks for lunch

Inside Bismarck Elks

People enjoying the Missouri River

Crossing over the Missouri River, Bismarck, ND

We still enjoy seeing CAT dealers on the road

Seeing this reddish brown (unknown) plant everywhere

A Bovine Meeting

Another giant, a Sandhill Crane

An internet close up of Sandhill Crane in Steele, ND.

Prairie Potholes

More potholes

Refuge for seabirds

More Cranes in the marshes

We saw several of these short, sweet messsages

Grain storage

Corn fields and Prairie Potholes

Frontier Fort Campground and Tourist attraction

Live Bison herd, tourist attraction

Yikes, where did that come from so suddenly?

Stage rides from Frontier Fort

Now to go see the World's Largest Buffalo

Erected 1959

Yep, pretty big buffalo

A little weather worn

Pioneer church at Frontier Fort

Pretty wildflowers in the campground

On our way to the Elks Lodge

Jamestown Elks

Stain glass window with clock at Jamestown Elks

Today's travels were just a straight shot along Interstate 94. Since it was mostly grasslands and farms, the good people of North Dakota decided to place some interesting giant statues along the Interstate to give us something to look forward to.

Besides a few pointed hills and some rolling grassy hills, they have what they call "Prairie Potholes". You can read about these freshwater marshes here.

Then I spotted something high atop a hill, in the distance. Why it's "Salem Sue", the world's largest Holstein Cow, located in New Salem, North Dakota. She is described here on Roadside America, check it out.

About halfway, we came to Bismarck, ND and decided to stop at the Elks Lodge for lunch and to collect another lodge pin. We enjoyed more views of the Missouri River along the way.

Okay time for another unusual siting of something fun for the travelers. This time it is a giant Sandhill Crane in Steele, ND. Because of all the Prairie Potholes, this area is a refuge for sea birds, including Sandhill Cranes.

I found this interesting article about North Dakota The Prairie Pothole Region, Central North Dakota's Womanly Meadow

We arrived at our campground, Frontier Fort, which is a tourist attraction. Here is where we found our third giant. This is a giant Buffalo that was erected in 1959 in Frontier Village, and probably cannot be seen from the Interstate.

I found this article about The Enchanted Highway, Regent ND. The one piece we we saw is called "Geese in Flight". So next time through North Dakota, we will have to take this side road to see the others.

After setting up, we went to visit Jamestown Elks, who were of course very friendly to out-of-state visitors. As more people came into the lodge, they were all buying rounds. Since I had asked about a lodge pin, someone called one of the officers to come in after their golf game so he cold get one for me.

I was talking to one of them about Genealogy, and she was asking lots of questions about how to get started, saying she had Swedish heritage like most of the people in town. I told her to look for a Facebook Group on Swedish Genealogy, and she looked on her smartphone and she found one. This area is mostly Sweedish descendants from late 1800’s immigration.

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