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We have flowers in bloom

Dancing anyone

New tow car

Lots of these around here

Another day starting out very foggy. We are about 4 blocks from the beach and the fog has enveloped the campground this morning, plus it is a little chilly again. Candy had an appointment to get her nails done so when she was gone I rode down to the beach. The tide was high as the picture shows with a couple of surfers out waiting for the wave. Not many big waves but they did get a few as I was watching. Down here the squirrels live in the rocks along the beach instead of the trees, guess they like to be on the ocean front also.

We took a walk to downtown just to see what was around. Not much until you go down to the beach and watch the waves rolling in. Now Candy has seen the Pacific Ocean first hand. We did see some very interesting places on the beach that are for rental. The price ranges from $400.00 to $1500.00 per night. A little steep for us, we will stay in the motorhome. We got back to the campground and decided to stay an extra day so we could visit the Farmers Market in downtown Oceanside on Thursday.

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