it's off to Central America travel blog

heading out from my hotel

bus station


local workers lol


vender on the bus

Joya de Ceren


pots in the museum






















cashew nuts growing

Ruins de San Andres





coco tree








stairs to a pit







Volcan San salvador


lots of steps

the rim


looking into the crater

















some ladies by the road


making pupusas very good





in the bus heading down the mountain


Breakfasts at my hotel packed up my bags checked out of hotel got a taxi to my new hotel for the night, it is actually a bed and breakfast place in a residential area with gate guards. A nice place near the one of them main bus terminals drop off my bags and head off for a day exploring the area round San Salvador. Got to main bus station what busy place lot of city bus heading in all direction I needed to get on bus 108 to go Joya de Ceren (but not speaking Spanish was hard to find where I needed to go but help was near by, I saw two young men wearing white shirts and black pants with name tags, lol they were from the Mormon church and they were able to guide my to my bus. Thanks guys) villager covered by a volcano ash in 595 AD, the Pompeii of the America, this was on a local bus costing 50 cents as I was the first one on the bus got the front seat he he, by the time I got to the site the bus had filled to standing room only, off at the site nice and quite very few people there so was able to check it easy. Then back on a local bus to the Ruins de San Andres was able to check out this area also not many people there so again could check it out at my pace. Then back to the town of Santa Tecla for some lunch before heading to the top of Volcano San Salvador which last erupted 1917 was a 1km hike up hill from the bus stop to the entry then a long hike up many steps to the rim, it was hard to see into the crater but was nice to check it out, the back down the road to the us stop for the last bus of the day back to Santa Tecla, quite a ride winding ride. In Santa Tecla got a bus back into San Salvador by this time it was 8:00pm and dark heading back to hotel I missed hole in the sidewalk and fell tearing my pants and getting a bloody knee, and hurting my pride for falling lol. A stop at Wendy's for a quick take out dinner got a couple beers and back to my hotel, eat my dinner, cleaned up my knee not much damage and off to bed was a very busy day but was good getting to all the places I ad wanted to see.

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