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The town of Lauterbrunnen







Trail up to waterfall

All the houses have flowers under there windows



What lucky dead people. Fresh flowers everyday.


On the way to the Top Of Europe

On the way to the Top Of Europe


On the way to the Top Of Europe

A small glacier


Inside of a glacier


Ice sculpures carved right into the glacier






Snow angel

Mini snowman

Top of the mountain right in the snow storm


A little window of snow clear to take a quick snapshot of...


Where we were (pic of a poster)

What we were suppose to see (pic of a poster)

Hike back down


My mom left this morning and it was a sad sad morning. We had such a wonderful time together and didn't even pull each others hair out. I was so great for her to come all this way to visit me on my journey. What a weird feeling to walk away from the airport starting my travels all alone again. But just as my mom said, it came back to me very quickly. Hoped on the train to head for Lauterbrunnen Switzerland.

The town is in the heart of the Alps settled in this beautiful small valley with waterfalls cascading down from both sides off the cliffs. In the distance you can see a mountain peak covered in snow. What a contrast from a bright green valley to a snow capped mountain top. The hostel was crammed with Asians which would be ok but they don't talk to anyone outside there circle. When there isn't much to do in the area your in you depend on the people that are staying at the hostel to entertain you. Thankfully the second day I was there, there was an American girl staying in my room so we kept each other entertained during the evenings. During the day I went for walks and explored the small town. Stopped in for a cup of coffee and a sweet and got my bill and realized I just had coffee and a brownie that equaled $13!! From that point on I decided I wasn't going to eat out. I went to the store and bought some pasta, pesto and some soup. That did the trick for the rest of my stay.

I wanted to go paragliding which cost $220 but then found out about Jugnfrough which is also called the Top of Europe. It is the highest point you can get to on the Alps by transportation. You can see a great view of the Alps and a huge glacier. It costs the same as paragliding so I made a choice and decided to go with the Top of Europe because I figured I cant get this anywhere else and I can do paragliding somewhere else. I met a couple at the hostel that was going and told me that if you leave on the first train out in the morning that you get a discount. The next day there I was all ready to go at 6 30 in the morning! I know, it was a miracle. The train ride was just spectacular. The higher we got the colder it got, colder and colder. The only warm cloths I had was just a long sleeve t-shirt and a fleece that this guy gave me in Carcassonne. We finally made it to the top and walked out and it was FREEZING!! We walked into the building that they built for the tourist with a restaurant and viewing deck. Before we went out on deck we went into the ice house. I wasn't to sure what this was until all of a sudden I walking in the middle of a glacier!! They cut a tunnel right in the middle of it and there different ice sculptures that were carved right from the ice. We were sliding around like kids, it was really cool. After that we went out to the observation deck and realized that there was a snow storm and ZERO visibility! I was so disappointed! For a moment we were walking around all bummed until we noticed a door that led outside. We peaked out ans it was the top of the mountain covered in fresh snow. There we went like kids again running out there so excited to be in the snow. Since we were there so early no one else was out there but us so we had a blast. I made a snow angel and we made a mini snowman. Yes it was cold but I was having to much fun to realize. Later we were really glad we got there so early because herds of tourists got there and we went back out to play some more before we left but the snow was all packed down and people everywhere. We had our moment though so we were happy. I did take a picture of a picture of the view we were supposed to see. Afterwards we took the train down to the next stop and hiked down the mountain for three hours. It was a beautiful walk but killer on the knees.

This time I didn't have to worry about when and how I was going to get to my next stop.

I signed up for Busabout which is a backpackers bus that takes you around Europe and droppes you off right at the hostel. They came to pick me up along with other busabouters at 8am. Next stop is Luzurn.

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