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The pictures quite realistic - after one of these everything was blurry

Mr P plays the slots

Dinner on the strip - Mr P enjoyed the sights.

After a minor detour through Sedona we hit the trail to Las Vegas. Both looking forward to cleaning the Casinos out and winning back the cost of our trip. Driving in from the south we had the oppourtunity to visit see the Hoover Dam. From here Vegas was only a stones throw and so we arrived late afternoon. Quite a change from the peace and tranquility of the Grand Canyon. Finding a hotel on the Strip we made our way down to the casino floor with our $100 per head kitties. Mr. P. sticking with Blackjack, Mrs. P taking up roulette. Our first foray into the Casino yielded a hansome return. Mr. P. was up $75 by the end of the first night(and pretty drunk on all the free booze), Mrs. P. $20 down. The winning bit seemed great fun, but there sure were alot of glum faces sitting around the tables.

Day 2 in Vegas saw us venture out to some of the more select Casino's. The water show in front of the Belagio was amazing as were the shops and canals of the Venetian(in a tacky touristy way). Gambling in these places was a non starter as minimum bets on most tables was $25. New York, New York was pretty cool inside as was the MGM with the Lions. No Sigfreid and Roy or white tigers anymore. Driving down the Las Vegas strip Mrs. P. spotted Bill Clinton and Steven Bing walking back to the Bellagio. Mr. P. was a little concerned because it was Mrs. P who was driving.

Second nights foray into the casino's saw Mrs. P. up $100 in 5 minutes on the Roulette table and Mr. P. adding a whooping $55 to his total. No free drinks for Mrs P though she was off that table as soon as she won the $100! Not quite going to pay back the cost of the trip. We managed to see some of downtown Vegas, the cowboy etc.. but decided not to hang around as it is in the dodgy part of town.

Finished in Vegas on a high note with brunch at the top of the Stratosphere tower. Before heading off for Death VAlley.....

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