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The road to Methuen

We are now in that part of the country where you can drive through 3 states in a day. We left Vermont, drove thru New Hampshire and made it into Massachusetts in less than 4 hours. It would have been a little faster, but I just couldn't visit Vermont without a stop at the Ben & Jerry's Factory. Charlene had the Teddy Bear Factory, Rod had the Cody Gun Museum and I have "ICECREAM"! Yep, it is my greatest weakness and one of my greatest joys. Ahhhhhh...Phish Food, Chubby Hubby, Brownie Madness, Karmel Sutra......decisions, decisions! I found a tee-shirt that said it best...."Body by Ben & Jerry's". Ok, Ok, I resisted and limited it to only 2 pints. Now the challenge is to make them last for more than 2 days! Back to reality...the drive was filled with all the colors of Autumn. I wanted to stop every 5 minutes to shoot more pictures! I wish we had washed the windhield before we hit the road, but you can get an idea from the photo - pardon the bug guts!

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