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Halong Bay Harbor

Small Craft

A Supply Run

A Raft of Boats

Last Minute Banana Sale

Our Trusty Craft - Duy Than Junk

The Bow of Our Boat

The View From Our Berth

Halong Bay

On the Upper Deck

Brad on Deck

Cruising the Bay

Ann and Brad

Halong Bay

A Popular Swimming Hole


Hang Sung Sot (Amazing Cave)

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The Hidden Cave

Brad Jumps Ship

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Ann Gets Daring Too

One..Two..Oh Shit! (She Later Makes It)

In the Morning Haze


Halong Bay

Under Sail

Boat on Bay

Halong Bay, VietNam

We pushed off from Hanoi towards the coast for Halong Bay, one of the premier natural sights in VietNam. More than 3000 sheer limestone edifices jut out of the emerald blue sea. Legend has it that these islets were created by a dragon as he plunged into the Gulf of Tonkin, and indeed the name "Halong" means descending dragon. Speckled amongst the islets are towering cliffs, hidden caves, and cozy beaches, all calling out to be explored.

Our overnight boat trip through the rocks and islands had a stop at one of the larger, more impressive caves, and even let us explore the bay on our own. We had an afternoon to kayak all around. It was great to get up close to the rock face, go under overhangs, and even through tunnels! After kayaking, we spent the waning light hours jumping into the chilly waters from the third deck of the boat. Even Ann got into the action, and after a few nerve-building false jumps, she finally took the plunge!

The entire trip would have been the perfect picture of beautiful seascapes under a peaceful sky, but once again our cabin was on the well-beaten mouse circuit, and a few late night visitors had us bleary eyed in the morning. Still with plenty of good food, friendly mates, and spectacular scenery, we can't complain!

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