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Finally home with Shawn and Leanna in Vancouver

From the island we traveled most the day on boat and taxi to Kota Baharu, we dropped our bags, napped and went for dinner. Later that night I went to grab something out of my bag and found a stowaway. Apparently the frogs out there arent too fond of beach life and look for rides to the city. I'm confident that for as long as Tyler sticks around, he will put himself to death if needed to save me from Monsters under my bed, Road Ragers, Ghosts, Tax Collectors, Rabid Dogs, Lions, Tigers and Bears. Rats and Frogs though - forget about it.

From Kota Baharu we headed back to Kuala Lumpur to do some shopping in the markets while we wait for our flight back home! It feels so good to know that we will be seeing our family and friends again!

We'd planned to spend our first weekend home in Vancouver to hang out with Shawn (and surprise guest star, Leanna) and to meet up with the two that we met in Malaysia (Ken and Ying). We were in rough shape; Multiple Skin problems, Fried Hair (well.. me anyway), Sensitive Stomachs and Clothes that we'd lived in for 9 months. Needless to say we had to go shopping and I made Tyler dye my hair (better to trust him with it then SE Asia 'Hairdressers'). He did really good. Ahaaaa. He should look into hairdressing when we get to Stettler.

We're home now anyway and so very happy to be home. To be able to spend that weekend hanging out with close friends and talking (not in broken english), to people who are sincerely interested in your adventure and your future plans and don't even have the SAME travel stories as you.. It was retardly touching. I was close to tears too many times. Cant tell you how much Tyler and I both appreciate Canada and the people around us.

Tyler can't wait to put some weight back on and hit the gym!!!!

Next Adventure: A 3 week trip to Africa in February for Safari and Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.. Anyone game?

I guess that's it. Over and out. 10-4 Teddy Bear.


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