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Missed Ava.

Thats better.

Little reading while we were driving.

Boarding the ferry to Fort Sumter.

Riding up front.

The fort.


Bombarding the fort was the start of the Civil War.

The cannon.



Inside the restored part of the fort today.

What in look like before 44,000 cannonballs hit it.

Tourists picture.

Moving over to the tour of the Yorktown Aircraft Carrier.

Awful small pilot in this one.

Radar room.

The flight deck.

Like a highrise in the middle of the ship.

More flight deck.

The stinger for catching the cable stop.

A 2 1/2" steel cable. Had to be tough to catch a...

This capsul was the first to fly around the moon.

Can you say clausdrophobic.

Below deck hanger. Whoops forgot the flash.

Captains bridge.

Deck from above.

...Battleship park next to it. We did not go in.

Yorktown from a distance. Big, but small compared to todays carriers.

A Submarine next door.

Up close.

We are going in. Talk about clausdrophobic.

Glad i wasn't a sailor.

Control room.

Somebody was begging for Olive Garden. She had never been there before.

Spaghetti and caulillower.

She ate it all.

For all our friends and family in the Phoenix area. There really is something to say for 'dry heat'. It was 90 degrees with 70% humidity here today. It was like walking thru a furnace.

With that said, we set out to see a couple tourist sites. Fort Sumter and The Carrier Ship Yorktown. We took the Ferry from Charleston Harbor to FT. Sumter. It is a 30 minute trip over, 1 hour at the Fort and then back. Ava wanted on the top deck for the ride over. It was no problem with the breeze. The ride back was in the lower deck with air conditioning.

Fort Sumter is named for SC War Patriot Thomas Sumter, the opening shots of the Civil War were fired on April 12, 1861. FT Sumter became the focal point of tensions between the North and South, it was one of the few forts that remained in Federal hands and yet SC was confederate. SC demanded its evacuation because it was blocking the harbor. After a 34 hour battle the fort was evacuated and surrendered to SC. Thus 'Civil War, so long dreaded, had begun.

After our air conditioned ride back to the harbor, we drove over to Patriots Point to visit the carrier Yorktown at Patriots Point. This is a Maritime Museum which includes three ships, USS Yorktown, an aircraft carrier, USS Laffey, a destroyer, USS Clamagore a submarine.

We spent most of the afternoon walking through the ships and on the flight deck of the Yorktown. It was interesting and gave you a great sense of what our sailors suffered through during WW2. Great history lesson for Ava too.

It was around 5:00 when we got back to the car. We were hot, sweaty, hungry and in the middle of rush hour. Ava was nagging to go to Olive Garden. We were in no way presentable to go into a public restaurant. After some tense driving in a city we didn't know, in rush hour, we made it back to the motorhome and cleaned up. We gathered our strength and took Ava to Olive Garden.

You can bet, tomorrow will be a lazy day.

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