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Place de la Bourse

River Garonne

Statue in the Place de la Bourse

Palais de la Bourse

Tour Pey-Berland

Richard Rogers modern justice courts

Looking back to the cathedral

Hotel de Ville

The twin towers of the cathedral with the bell tower in the...

An old theatre now a cinema

The Grand Theatre

Sculpture outside the theatre

Monument aux Girondins

Just a little over the top

Even more!

Today we took the very efficient and cheap tram into city centre of Bordeaux. The city sits on the western bank of Garonne River and since Roman times has been an important trade centre. The historic buildings seen today in the city are from the 18th century when the city was at its height of prosperity.

We started are exploration of the city at the Place de la Bourse right next to the river. The magnificent buildings were reflected in the Miroir d'eau. Radiating back from the Place de la Bourse was the old town. We wandered through narrow streets and along wide boulevards coming to the Place Gambetta

The Place Gambetta was where during the French Revolution 300 executions took place. As usual there was the obligatory Cathedral with twin steeples. However next to the cathedral was a separate bell tower the 15th century Tour Pey-Berland built to stop the cathedral getting damaged because of the vibrations of the bells.

Just next to the cathedral was the impressive Hotel de Ville and just along the Courts of Justice had a modern equivalent designed by Richard Rogers.

Our final stop was the magnificent Grand Theatre built on the site of a Roman temple by the architect Victor Louis in 1780. It was very opulent.

We made our way back to the tram station passing the rather over the top Monument aux Girondins made up of statues and fountains. The tale goes that during World War II the occupying Germans made plans to melt the monument down only to be foiled by the local Resistance who under the cover of darkness dismantled it piece by piece and hid it in a barn for the rest of the war.

Bordeaux was a charming city to visit

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