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In the pool at the Campground.

Found a "Pick your own Peaches" orchard.

Looking for the big ones.

Found some.

And we had watermellon to.

This is what we had coming at us from the gulf.

We are at the KOA in Wildwood. It is hot and humid, but our central air is working great. The generator and central air even worked on the way here, so it will be 3 nights here and head for Jacksonville.

We are watching the weather because a tropical storm is heading our way. They are not sure where it is will hit land and the better chance is where we were planning on going next. Out running it doesn't seem to be an option.

We have done our grocery shopping and other necessities to restock the motorhome. The pool is cool, so we will ride it out here.

June 6, We sat through a day and a half of Tropical Storm Colin. We did the right thing by staying put. Jacksonville and the area we planned to go to yesterday was hit hard, as it turns out we were better off staying in Wildwood.

Got a little cabin fever and are ready to move north and outside.

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