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Our bottle of red

Happy Birthday!! Unfortunately not an exciting day for my birthday as it is a travelling day. We leave our lovely hotel on the waterfront this morning at 6.15 to catch the ferry at 7am, from the other side of the island, to return to the mainland. The ferry is modern and leaves on time for the 1 1/2 hour journey. We sit on the back deck to get some fresh air. We disembark and collect the luggage and Hector is there to meet us. He has driven the 6 hours to get here while we flew. We stop for breakfast on the way, very hungry so we order the full americano.

We continue on and eventually stop for lunch at a small cafe. There is a limited menu so Tomas orders some local food and we share as we are still full from breakfast. There is a plate of meat on a bed of plantains, black beans, a salsa, and pickled vegetables. A serve for 3, fed 5 of us.

We arrive in Copan, which is a small but pretty town. Chrissie is not well so she and Brian go to their room but Anita, Tomas, Phil and I head off for dinner at Canitas Nia Lola. You can't miss the place as it is covered in fairy lights. We make our way over to the stairs in time to see one of the waitresses balance a glass of beer on her head as she climbs the stairs. All the waitresses carry either a plate of food, glass of drink or even a bottle of wine on their heads (no padding) to deliver it to your table. So clever. Tomas disappears and we think he is socialising, as everywhere we go he seems to know someone. He is very charismatic and can manage to get the grumpiest official on his side in no time. Anyway he comes back to the table with a present for me, beautifully presented in a gift bag with a lovely corn doll on the outside, and inside is a lovely wooden box decorated with a macaw - so thoughtful! The corn doll will go on our Christmas tree each year and it will always make me think of Tomas and Guatemala.

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