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Off to Medora, ND

Started our drive off wet

Sandstone bluffs of Billings

The Yellowstone River runs along the bluffs.

Bluffs, grassland & cattle

Pompey's Piller, landmark from Lewis & Clark

Wagons for sale

The Big Horn River (as in Battle of Big Horn)

Desert shrubs and pines

Cattle grazing on desert shrubs

Some unusual eroded rock

Heading downhill again

Rosebud, Montana

Yellowstone River at Rosebud

Metal sculptures

Amazing scenery

Dairy cows

Sandstone layers

Colorful rock formations

Looks like they're having a morning meeting

Not very colorful but interesting shapes

Yellowstone River

Grasslands and sandstone mountains

More interesting shapes

Cyclist contemplating the road ahead

Yellowstone River again

Lots of dinosaurs in Wyoming, Montana & So Dakota

Heading downhill zig zag

Look at the layers

Finally, North Dakota. Add to our map.

Entering Beach, North Dakota, exit #1

American Legion in Beach, ND

Parked in front of Legion across from RR Grain Silos

Veterans Memorial in Beach, ND

Not sure what this is about

Lovely shape and colors

National Grasslands

Scenery is getting interesting

Now a little red rock

In our campground about to rain

Our camp host removing a King Snake

Daisy meeting an "Imperial Shih Tzu" named Tiny

Friendly Robin checking out our campsite

Our campsite in Red Trail Campground

We were up early because none of us had gotten much sleep. Daisy had been stressed even with Xanax because of fireworks in the neighborhood and the street noise. When we said our goodbyes to the other campers, we headed over to Costco to put some diesel in the motorhome. Pete & Shirley were the ones that told us this Costco had diesel. Most Costco's don’t.

Then we were off, heading east for North Dakota. We have 4 states left to complete our map, this is one of them. There were very heavy side winds all day along with a little rain, so we wanted to take a break and stop for lunch just after crossing into North Dakota. I found on my YELP app that the American Legion at exit #1 was serving lunch. That was a treat, and friendly people to boot. The legion was across from the railroad tracks and a large grain storage facility where they loaded the train cars with grain. On the corner near the legion was a Veterans Memorial.

We went to locate the BLM campground that I had found and spoken to someone about yesterday but it was totally empty, no host, no hook ups as indicated to me on the phone. It was a little too remote for our liking. We looked on our camping app for another campground and called to see if they had openings in Medora at Red Trail Campground. They did, and this was a popular place since it was next to tourist attractions and a National Park. After we set up, we saw many rigs rolling into the campground, trying to get off the road from the storm that had been chasing them.

We texted Matt & Robin we met in Billings, (who were going to leave after us) that the winds were really bad. They got more than winds, they got the whole storm. It was so bad with high winds and very large hail that they pulled under an overpass, along with several other RV’ers who followed suit. He said there were six of them huddled together under the shelter until the storm passed. They were still buffeted by the strong winds. Sure glad that we got out earlier.

Matt & Robin finally made it safely to Dickinson Elks to boondock; so that evening we went to meet them for drinks and dinner, and to collect another Elks Lodge Pin.

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