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the market i La Libertad






gringing flour

the black sand beach




on the fishing peir








boat lined up



use the crane for putting in the water













home of the presidient

Today I got a local bus to La Libertad, the beach on the Pacific coast of El Salvador one of the good surfing places, quite a bus ride was on it early so I had a seat it cost .59 usd cents for the trip about 20 miles, at several of the stops had venders come on the bus pushing there ways down the aisle selling all kinds of food and drinks then exit out the back of the bus, I walked along the markets filling both sides of the streets and selling every thing from food, to clothes, past by a barber shop got my hair cut very expensive 1.25 USD. Went to the beach it is a black sand walked around not many people there, strolled along the fishing pier lots of fish, shrimp, shell fish. I then headed back along the beach with a stop for some lunch, a couple beers then back to San Salvador this time I took a ac Van directo for 1.50 much nicer lol, back to hotel a bit of down time and a massage. Out for dinner at a local place where I had a nice steak large prawns very good back to hotel calling it a night. president

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