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First view point


A steep lunch spot

Heading up

A bit windy

Looking North

Phil and Dale take a breather

Looking South

Clouds settling in


Still nice to the North


Mount Kidd disappears in the backgroud

Mount Kidd reappearing

Swirling clouds


Waiting to see if it passes

Out of the wind

Still nice to the North!

One larch starting to turn

One more push up the mountain

A sheltered spot to put on the toques


No sign of it letting up

Time to go

The way down

Down, Down, Down

A fall blizzard

Back in the trees

We set off with Phil and Alicia on a nice fall day in search of golden larches and other fall colours. Instead we got a taste of winter! The weather was looking iffy down the Kananaskis Valley so we decided to hike the Mt. Allan Centennial Ridge trail which we could see was under blue sky and sunshine. We knew we wouldn't have time for the full hike but figured we could do the first section that would give us some great views. So up we went, straight up, it is a steep hike! The first section is through the trees and most of them were still green, so much for fall colours. As we came out of the trees, the wind picked up, then it started to cloud over, then it started to snow. We're talking the horizontal, blizzard kind of snow. At that point we'd climbed about 1000m and we decided that walking along a ridge in a blizzard was probably not a great idea. On went the down jackets, toques and gloves and we hightailed it back down the mountain. As we got lower it warmed up and the snow turned to rain, off went the down jackets and toques, on went the rain jackets and hoods. We were all prepared so despite the weather, it was another great day in the mountains!

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