Where on Earth are Caro and Fer? travel blog

Ther are figures like this through out the temples in Bangkok, guardians...

Moer of the guardians

Lying Budah

Here Caro is Praying and asking for forgiveness. "I" was hoping to...

Here Caro has climed to roughly the third floof just past the...

Is it me or does this look like my tio Fernando Hernandez?

Caro meditating along side the Monks at the temple

Us heading back to Lindas on the Boat Taxi

This is Ayyuthaya =) Cool place

This is us proving that we acutally were there =)

So I typed a WHOLE LOT OF STUFF and the freakin computer FROZE and I lost it ALL... Im hungry so enjoy these pics for now. I'll write tomorrow....

Acavo de pasar un buen escribiendo y la compu se quedo atorada asi que perdi todo. Aqui les dejo estas fotos y manana les explico que pex.....

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