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Blue Flowers look like bluebells

O'Shaughnessy Dam

Dam/Tuolumne River



Beetle on the Flower

Bridge we got wet on

O'Shaughnessy Dam

Steepness & Bends

Up the Top

The Roads we drove on


We travelled for nearly 6 hours to get to Groveland about 12 miles outside Yosemite National Park. It was a hair raising journey with the RV towing a car and bikes on the back. We were travelling up very steep mountains having to go over the other side of the road on the bends praying there was nothing coming the other way, sheer drops on the other side The roads were up and down for miles and miles and the only good thing the scenery was brilliant.

The weather is still in the late 90's but it gets colder at night.

We have been walking miles and trying to get fit again!!!!

Seen Mule Deer, Ground Squirrels, NO BEARS YET!! or RATTLE SNAKES!!! Wal is dying to see one!! Hopefully not too close.

There is 300 waterfalls in Yosemite seen about 8 so far very impressive and they will all be gone by August. Beautiful flowers here as well.

We got soaked on Saturday when we walked to Wapama Falls, at the end you cross 3 wooden bridges and the waterfall is coming over them in parts, then we dried off, to then have to walk the same way back and get all wet again, it cooled us off.

Not sure when I can upload the Blog next as the only internet is at the Bar down the road from us. We are here till at least Friday if not longer.

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