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Jon, Olivia, & Nathan went horseback riding in Sucre

Olivia galloping the horse - this was the most fun she had...

Riding through the countryside towards the 7 waterfalls

Our horseride took us to a series of 7 cascade waterfalls

To reach one of the fall, we needed to rock climb a...

Nathan fell into the cold water when he lost his grip on...

After our climb, we had a nice lunch next to the fall

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We were so excited that we got to ride the horse really...

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A video of Olivia galloping

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A video of Nathan galloping

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Nathan lost his grip on the wall, but he calmly turned around...

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Jonathan jumped into the cool pool of the fall for a nice...

Originally, we couldn´t go horse riding because children were not allowed. After more efforts the next day, Jonathan found a tour company that allowed children. We were all excited and booked the tour. Few hours later, we were told that some horses are sick and there is only room for three persons. It was difficult to break apart the family for the first time, but in the end we all agree that it is best for Joani not to go and Annie would stay with her. For staying, they got to do some shopping and eating as compensation.

Nathan and Olivia were very excited. The trip actually exceeded their high expectation. During the horse ride to the Seven Falls, they were able to ride the horse, gallop the horse endless times, see beautiful sceneries, hike to the fall, rock climb up the fall, and had lunch next to the fall. In total, the trip was about 6 hours.

When we were horse riding in Salta, Argentina, the horses didn´t really want to go fast. In Sucre, the horses didn´t want to slow down. We kept having to try our hardest to tell the horses not to gallop. Olivia kept saying, ¨This is the best trip ever!¨ They fell in love with horse riding and we are thinking that we should have a horse while we are living in the village for the half year.

When we got close to the Seven Falls, there is a short, but dangerous, hike to the falls. There are several rock climbing needed just to reach the first 3 of the 7 falls. However, this was an opportunity for us to practice climbing real rock wall versus the indoor rock climbing wall we built in our apartment. Nathan and Olivia were really into it and they repeated a wall few time.

While Nathan was climbing a rock wall, he lost his grip. At that point I was afraid he might tumble down and hit a rock. Thank the Lord. Nathan calmly turned around as he was falling and push off the rock wall into the deeper part of the pool of the fall. His glasses thankfully didn´t fall into the water. He swam back to the shore by himself. Although he was scared, he was proud of himself for calmly handling the situation. He kept saying that this was the first accident he had in South America in a proud way!

After Nathan fell into the pool, we all tried jumping into the pool for a swim. It was a nice cold swim after a hot day of horse riding. We dried ourselves on a rock next to the pool and had a tasty box lunch. It was picture-perfect and all of us thoroughly enjoyed the day, except that Annie and Joani couldn´t share this moment with us. However, we also were glad that Joani didn´t come as the horses were really quick and the rock climbing was difficult.

After the horse ride, we all hurried to have our last nice meal in the market at Sucre and then we headed off on another night bus to La Paz, the capital of Bolivia.


1)For horseriding, after much search, we went with Club Roca (escalador_, 70324530). They allowed children and the price was reasonable. The horseback ride to 7 waterfall was USD 27/person. However, they were quite professional as the agency seemed not too familiar with the content of the tour and cowboy all didn´t seem too familiar with foreign guest. However, since we had riding experience in Salta, Argentina, the minus were too much of a problem.

2) For the night bus to La Paz, we chose to pay a bit more for a tourist bus (Sind Tans copacabanna) with a more comfortable reclining bus seat (4 seats in one row for 90B each). There is another bus company that sells 3 seats in one row but it costs 130B each. The bus is very nice however we were very surprised it didn´t have bathroom, unlike all the other bus we took in other countries.

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