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The chapel at the Good Will - Hinckley Boys and Girls School...

Two Lights Lighthouse - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Another view of Two Lights Lighthouse - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Willie waiting for our lobster dinner at the Lobster Shack.

Rebecca waiting for dinner at the Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Dinner is served!

Lobster, fries, slaw, biscuit.

Bib on? Check. Instructions on how to eat this? Check (instructions on...

"I've got my lobster bib on, where's my lobster?"

Willie and Blayde both smiling for their picture along the rocky coastline.

Now there is a house where "location - location - location" is...

Our spot for the night at the Winslow Memorial Park and Campground...

Willis and Blayde enjoying our bench at the Winslow Memorial Park and...

Looking across at the boats on the Harraseeket River from Stockbridge Point...

The sun broke back through as we hiked the nature trail along...

Our sweet little Blayde on our hike, Freeport, Maine.

Looking at the Casco Bay from our campsite in at Winslow Park,...

Willis cooking his hotdog at our campsite - Winslow Memorial Park and...

We started our drive along the Maine coastline today. It was the perfect day for it, sunny and not too hot. We took scenic back roads all the way to Portland and really enjoyed the well kept farms, towns, and sights along the way.

We drove past the Good Will - Hinckley Boys and Girls School off of US 201 in Hinkley, Maine. I had to stop and take a picture of their chapel because it looked so majestic standing up on the hill.

We continued onward driving through Augusta, the state capital, and we have added it as a city to return to for a “day trip” so we can spend an entire day wandering around the downtown. The traffic was a bit confusing and busy so I didn’t stop to take any pictures there today, but oh my goodness, what a pretty city Augusta is! It sits on the Kennebec River and some of their architecture there is absolutely breathtaking. I do have to say, however, that the conditions of the roads going through Augusta are no better than the rest of the state… bumpy and holey.

We arrived in Portland and drove along the busy wharf area but could not find a place that we could fit the van to park. It is a really busy and artsy area and it looked like a great place to explore but we didn’t want to park far away and then ride the bus in (we didn’t think they would let Blayde ride the bus with us) and we didn’t want to leave him that long in the van by himself. So we continued on, driving slow and taking in the sights (traffic would not have allowed us to drive fast if we had wanted to) and stopped just outside of Portland in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Cape Elizabeth is a lovely area. We saw the Two Lights Lighthouse and ate a yummy lobster dinner at the Lobster Shack. We also took this opportunity to wander along the rocky coastline and enjoy the sounds and sea breeze of the Atlantic. It felt a little chilly to us but we saw lots of people wearing shorts and light summer clothes!

We then drove up the coast a bit to Freeport, Maine. We stumbled upon a lovely camping area named the Delia B. Powers Winslow Memorial Park and Campground. We decided to spend the night here and will continue our adventure up the Maine coastline tomorrow. Our campsite is on a peninsula and looks out over Casco Bay. On the opposite side of the peninsula is the Harraseeket River that flows into the Atlantic Ocean. We took a lovely hike along the scenic and self-guided nature trail that outlines the entire peninsula and saw Staples Cove and Stockbridge Point. The sun would disappear behind clouds for a bit and then reappear at various stages of our hike. I appreciated the sun coming out even though I was wearing jeans, a shirt and a sweatshirt as I found the ocean breeze to be a bit nippy! I couldn’t believe it when I looked down at one sandy area along the water’s edge on our hike and saw children wearing swimsuits frolicking in the water! Once we returned from our hike Willis built us a lovely fire and we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows while listening to the tide roll in and out. What a calming sound to settle into sleep with (and speaking of sleep – as I type this, our little Blayde is exhausted and sleeping soundly at my side after his adventures today! Willis and I enjoy his antics so very much; it must be exhausting keeping two adults so entertained!)

Happy Travels, Rebecca

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