Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog

Cairns Hostel

Us @ Cairns Hostel

The Humidity Was Finally Getting To Him

Hubba Hubba Gypsy Rose-Brown

Brownie Loves Cheesy Nuts?!?

The Robbie-Mobile

Safe To Swim???

Swim Anyway.

Beached Brownie

Daintree River Safari

It's Behind You!!!

Wild Crocodile!!!

Who's More Scared??? (probably the croc)

Keith On Safari Boat

Daintree River

Claire's Eyesight Was Going Downhill!

Rainforest Cuddles

Brownie At Top Of The Rainforest (150ft up)

Top Of Rainforest

In De Jungle, De Mighty Jungle

In De Jungle, De Mighty Jungle#2

Bathroom Buddy

As soon as we stepped off the plane the humidity jumped up and slapped you in the face! Keith wasn't entirely sure we were still in Oz and it was only the strange Aussie accents that gave it away.

Cairns was a fantastic place to visit. It's a small town with loads of pubs and surf shops and loads to do in and around.

First thing was first though, we had to sort our transport. We got in contact with a guy who was selling a 4x4 campervan, only trouble was he didn't have any ownership documents or paperwork to go with it....hmmmm...... so instead we opted for a 'Wicked Camper'. The first van we were given was a 'Snoopy' van. It looked ok, so off we went. Two hours later we were taking it back as the breaks insisted on making us screech to a halt and end up in the lane to our right no matter how softly you touched the brake pedal, and no it wasn't Keith's driving surprise surprise. The only other van they had available for us to take was.... The Robbie Van!

Keith's face was a picture! But hey, we got free air con with it, although Keith didn't feel that justified having Robbie Bloody Williams plastered on the off we went in the delightful Robbie Van.

We headed up to Port Douglas and thought we'd stop at the beach for some sunbaking and swimming. After reading the 'Warning' sign though

, Claire decided against. Keith being Keith though got straight in. He has no fear. Either that or he's just stupid!

Well we wanted to see what all the fuss was about with these Crocs, so went on a River safari up the Daintree River. It was really good. We saw a fair few real life Saltie Crocs (the proper dangerous ones!),some tree Pythons and some cool little green Frogs.

Then we headed up to Cape Tribulation. This is one of only 2 (or 3!) places in the world where the rainforest meets the sea. Apparently it's beautiful when the sun is shining, but unfortunately for us the weather was rubbish and the place was pretty desolate!

So back to Cairns then and we're crossing the road and who do we see???? Nina and Joe from the Car Market in Christchurch! Small world eh? Needless to say we went out with them for a heavy night and promised to meet up somewhere along the East Coast to continue our drunken escapades... watch this space!

So with our Robbie Van all packed up and ready to go we headed to Townsville to meet a friendly face in the form of Rancey-Baby....

Let the adventures begin! ha ha ha ha ha

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