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what a catch!

enjoying his work

down in the harbour, a pelican I think?

down on oxly beach

bit windswept over windmill bay

look at the size of that wood!


we have moved up the cost to the small town of port macquaire as it is known for close encounters of the dolphin kind! Not seen any yet though but we keep looking! The east coast of Oz is pretty green and foresty between the towns, its hard to imagine they are experianceing the worst drought in history! But they are, we have seen abit of rain but just on the other side of the great divide, a mountain range about 1hr from sydney they have not seen a drop of rain for months and months, they have got it pretty hard. Oh yeah, you know how we always complain about our changing weather, well Oz has a place known for its changing weather, Melbourne! A girl was telling us the other day that one day last month in melbourne the temperature changed by 20' in an hour! It went from 42' to 22' how mad is that!

Anyway back to Port Macquarie, we havn't done that much since we arrived yesterday, we have walked the costal path and been on the beaches but there is some sort of red algae in the sea that has washed in so all the sea is pink, it is harmless but dont think we will be going in! James bought himself a hook and line and has been fishing. He has done pretty well too, he caught 2 big fish on his first attempt, a brim and a black back. Apparently they were edible so we took them back to the hostel and barbacued them! James cleaned and gutted them himself, under guidance, but he says it was pretty gross and he wont be doing that again!!

He shared it out with some people in the hostel and they were very impressed! We are having an organised barbie tonight and James is under instructions to catch some more! The pressure is on and at this very moment he is down on the harbour hoping not to dissapoint!

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