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just for you James!

I am in Peru! Can't believe am in South America at last...

Bit of a nightmare journey to get here - 20 hours in total via Miami - such a long detour!! But am here safe and happy and staying in a really nice hostel where have met lots of other people...

So am here in sunny Lima - a bit warmer than expected, but still not impressed by the fact i haven't taken my jeans off since i watching my suntan fade as we speak!

Lima seems ok - just another big city, but am pleasantly surprised by it as had heard how horrible it was from so many people....lots of good shops so been doing a bit of warm-wardrobe shopping ready for my next stop high up in the Andes! Think this will be the last bit of civilisation for me until i hit the cities of Chile or Argentina so am making the most of all the good shops and restaurants!

From Lima, i'm heading to Huaraz - a town about 8 hours north up in the mountains...going to do some trekking to try and get in shape and some practice for the Inca trail trek which is only 3 weeks all healthy from now on - lots of exercise, healthy eating and no drinking....we will see!!

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