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Our campsite.

Behind our site.


Crossing the bridge into Old town St. Augustine.

The Castillo De San Marcos.

The only entrance. A draw bridge with tourist.

And another.

The courtyard.

View out to the Atlatic Ocean.

The only stairs to the top.

Used to be a moat.

Also interesting.

This one shot short range bombs.

This one shot long range ball.

Parking is hard to come by. We found the parking garage.

Sitting playing his Didgeridoo with dressed up dog. Relocated Aussie?

Entrance to Flagler College. Been around a while, Also the tree.

Thier goverment building.

Alook up the street at thier goverment building.

The city park across the street.

Couple of the houses on the street.

Couple more, they are all Bed and Breakfasts now.

Cemetary from 1777. Getting a entrance facelift.

The story.

Spent the day driving to the beach and then to Old Town St Augustine. We did not take pictures of the beach. You have probably seen more than you care to. Old Town however was a different story.

We were here some 20 years ago. We loved it here before and still do. It is a lot more commercialized than it was. We spent some time touring the Fort again. The old homes and history is everywhere since St. Augustine is the oldest develop city in the U.S. It was a lot of fun to see it again.

If we were ever to move to Florida, I believe somewhere near here would be the first choice.

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