20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

Ouch, that was a harsh day, 4am alarm and out of hotel by 4:30, into taxi to the airport for a 6am flight to the back of beyond (Chiclayo) then a 1.5hour drive at breakneck speeds to the back of the back of beyond otherwise known as deepest darkest Peru.

Audit was fine and thought we had getten away without eating as we thought we were heading back to the airport only to be taken to the local backyard restaurant. H did her ussual I don't eat lunch rouine leaving me to sample the delights of the locality. It was quite tasty and looked fine but I can't afford to get ill on such high intensity trips. Finally driven back to the airport to catch the return to Lima. At Lima airport I was being paged so our doubts that the concierge had got our transport request for the evening were unfounded, however this driver was also a bit of a maniac. Finally back in hotel for about 8pm, didn't pass go straight to the lounge for a couple of well earned beers then down to the lobby for some food, rounded off with a Swiss Ice Tea big enough to swim in.

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