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In Newfoundland and especially here on Fogo Is. many/most people heat thier...

Lots and lots of firewood! Often see 10' lengths stacked for later...

I took all these photos along one short block in the town...

It's not unusual - we see these huge stacks of firewood by...



View of the Atlantic from our campsite.

And another.

Boondocking doesn't get much better than this.


(Ron Writing) This morning we said goodbye to our new Canadian friends and left the campground. We might have stayed one more day had the weather been nice but it rained most of the night and looked like there would be more of the same today.

We drove back to the east side of Fogo Island. We looked around the towns of Seldom and Little Seldom before heading to the ferry dock. We hadn’t been paying much attention to the ferry schedule and we missed the 10:15 ferry by about 15 minutes. So we waited at the head of the line for the 1:45 departure. After a couple games of cards and lunch the ferry arrived and we were on our way. In about 45 minutes we were back in Farewell, Newfoundland and driving on our way. The ferry cost only $27.50 round trip for us and the rig – what a deal.

We headed south on Hwy. 335 and 331, then northeast on Hwy. 330. Hwy 330 runs right along the south side of Hamilton Sound all the way to Musgrave Harbour. We stopped at the library in Musgrave Harbour to use the free WiFi and catch up on our email, blog, and the world news. At about 6:30 we decided we should start looking for a place to drop anchor for the night. We saw a couple likely spots in the town of Musgrave Harbour but opted to head out of town to look for a quieter spot out in the country. We continued on Hwy 330 now heading southeast along the open Atlantic Ocean. We stopped about 5 miles out of town at a turn-out and ate dinner but it seemed a little too close to the highway to spend the night so we drove on. About 3 miles further on Hwy 330 we noticed about 10 RVs parked on a large grassy vacant lot right next to the ocean. We pulled in and it was obvious they were all boondocking on government-owned property so we joined them.

We are about 50 yards from shore and only about 10 feet above sea level. Tonight we’ll go to sleep to the sound of surf pounding on the rocks in one of the most beautiful campsites we’ve had. If you want to see exactly where we are just look at Google Maps 49.39521, -53.80237.

I visited with two of our neighbor guys here at this boondocking site but it was a real chore. They both spoke with such a heavy accent and used so many idioms etc. that I often had to ask them to repeat themselves. They probably thought I was really hard of hearing! We've had this problem to varying degrees throughout Canada but it's been particularly difficult in Newfoundland and tonight was the worst yet.

Once we got off the ferry in Farewell we started getting some sunshine and the rest of the day was quite nice. Now at 9 pm it’s still 67° right beside the ocean.

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