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Us on the Aire de Camping

The village church behind the Aire

The church across the lake

Lovely reflection

Looking to the village

Another view of the church from the bridge

We headed south once again. The weather at the moment is very wet but not too cold but it was better to get away from the coast and the strong winds.

We are just getting used to the French roads. The motorways/dual carriage ways are fine (usually designated as A of N roads) although some of the motorways are tolled and can work out quite expensive particularly for a big thing like us. However they can be the quickest way to get from A to B. We have also found the D roads identified green(meaning connecting main routes between towns) on our map to be OK although slower.

In terms of camping well at this time of year most of the campgrounds in this northern part of France are closed. However there are Aires de service/stationment pour camping which translates to 'service area/parking fore motorhomes" which are open all year. These areas varies enormously as to size, the facilities they provide and whether there is a charge. They are a way of encouraging motorhome tourists to stop.

Our first Aire from our previous entry was a pay for Aire but it did provide water points, electricity,a waste disposal facility and designated parking bays. Our second one in Brezolles had no electricity, a single water point, a waste disposal facility, park where you like but was free. In Brezolles you were just outside the small village next to the village park. It was a nice location except for the traffic on the road going by.

The village was typically French and quite picturesque. Manage to get some photos in a rare break in the rain.

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