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We made a trip to Gold RV on the Thursday (31 October)to get the pedal cable replaced on the toilet. Everything was fine so our re scheduled ferry to France was set for Monday 4 November.

Everything went to plan. The crossing was choppy which didn't go down well with Heather, who has no sea legs at all and swears next time she will go via the tunnel!

We left Calais and headed south to an identified Aire de Camping along the coast . However we found the place but due to the tightness of the entry we couldn't turn in. We gave that up as a bad job and headed further south to the town of Le Treport to the second Aire we had identified. This time there was no problem turning in and finding a space. By this time it was dark. The added bonus was this Aire had 10Amp Electricity (but had to watch that some pods had reverse polarity so we avoided them!) included in the charge of 9.45 Euros per night. A little man came and collected later that evening.

Next day we walked in the rain around Le Treport enquiring at the tourist office where we would find a mobile phone shop to get a data SIM for our dongle. We were told that the nearest shop was in the next town. We went there and yes there was a shop but they didn't have a data SIM so suggested we go to Abbeville 27km away. This we did and yes we got a data SIM but trying to use it in the evening it would not connect. Today we went back to Abbeville but they couldn't work out why it would not connect so suggested we go to the shop in Amiens 35km away where they had technical support at the shop. This we did and got it sorted at last, so now we have internet! Amiens was a really nice town but we needed to get back so must put it on our list to do when we explore France at some future date.

We will continue to head south fairly quickly towards Spain and Portugal to get away from the worst of the winter weather so on this trip will not explore much of France.

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