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Nice way to spend a Friday afternoon

Times Square

Rockafeller Centre

King Kong


Flying backwards wasn't particularly my cup of tea for take off and landing but the flight overall was good, back on the top of a jumbo, loads of storage and room and good food but the BA entertainment system is pants and due an upgrade.

21 years aince I was last here, and being on a business trip is so much easier than backpacking, taxi from the airport straight to times square, nice room waiting with a view straight out into Manhattan, although Manhattan has a view straight in to and the blinds don't stop the flashing lights all night.

Had a quick change and shower then out for a walk and food in Stans favourite Hard Rock Cafe, I can see why I've never been in one before, it's shit and the burger couldn't have been more tasteless if they's tried. Managed to stay awake until just after midnight is an attempt to stave off jet lag but pinged awake at 03:07, managed to get back to sleep for a few more hours but 7:00 was the limit. Still premier leage footy on the telly in bed is a good start to the day.

Did a highlights of NY in one day session yesterday, Central Park, Macy's, subway to Chinatown for a fantastic $1 dimsum lunch, walk and subway to World trade centre, walk down to Battery Park to see some statue, mission to find an open subway station (NY is obviously as bad as London at weekends). Had a very good Thai meal and a few beers in the hotel bar - American beer is not as bad as I've been lead to believe.

Today is shopping day then late flight to Ecuador, then the hard work begins.

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