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When last I wrote I was waiting for my Tuesday appointment with the urologist to determine the best course of action to remove my very own “Arkansas Diamond” of a kidney stone. Here is the rest of the story…

After a very uncomfortable week of being stabbed, by both my kidney stone and the stent, Tuesday finally arrived. My appointment at the urology clinic was a “good/bad” situation. The “good” was manifest in my positive impression of the clinic and Dr. Hollenbach’s staff. The clinic is clean and modern. Dr. Hollenbach’s staff is professional and friendly. I must admit that if I am destined to fight a kidney stone then at least I ended up in good locale to do just that. The “bad” is that Mercy Hospital couldn’t fit me into their surgery schedule until Thursday.

Finally Thursday arrived and I checked in, without incident, to Outpatient Surgery for what was to be an “in and out” procedure. It was supposed to be… remove stent, remove the stone via ureteroscopy, and then insert new stent for another week of recovery and send me home… but, of course, things never go as planned.

Long story made short… I had the surgery but ended up, due to complications, being admitted as an inpatient and spending the night at the hospital Thursday night and then released this morning (Friday). Now I am finally snuggled back inside of Mongo at Lake Catherine State Park with my nurse, Willis, and my nurse’s assistant, Blayde, taking good care of me. Now stone-free, I once again have a ureter stent that runs from my left kidney down through my ureter and into my bladder…however, the difference being that this time I also have a string dangling out of me that is attached to the bladder end of the stent. Yes… you guessed it… on Thursday I get to remove my own stent by “gently but firmly pulling on the string until the stent is cleared from the kidney and out of the body”. Gee, doesn’t that sound like something to look forward to… NOT!

My parents have been with us here at Lake Catherine providing much appreciated moral support and also doggy-sitting Blayde each trip Willis and I made to the hospital. They will be leaving tomorrow to drive back to their Texas home and, although we will miss them, we understand and appreciate that they have already stayed a week longer than they had originally planned to travel.

Perhaps, if I get to feeling a bit more like myself this week, we might actually spend some time enjoying and exploring the area. This really is a lovely part of the country… or at least the curvy road from our campsite to the hospital is pretty… I’ll let you know about the rest of this area as the week progresses.

Happy Travels,


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