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For 10 days we based ourselves at Grantham not far from Heather's Mum. It was another busy week and a half!.

We spent the first two days cutting hedges and pruning bushes in Mum's garden. We were both tired.

Tony went to Grimsby on the Tuesday to get the tow arrangement for the car checked. It turned out the test button on the system had broken. Heather spent the day high cleaning for her Mum and re-potting plants particularly a huge rubber plant.

Wednesday saw us shopping in the morning (We got told off by Mum for rushing her around the supermarket!) and then meeting up with Heather's sister Susan and her husband David for lunch. David had had a stroke just before Christmas but he was now doing amazingly well.

Thursday saw us driving over to Derby with Mum to visit Heather's Auntie Joan and her cousins Jill and Nicholas. At 92 Auntie Joan had not been well recently but there was a lot of sparkle still there although now quite weak. it was a very enjoyable visit.

Friday saw us back at the dentist for fillings and the opticians for collection of our new glasses.

Saturday we returned to Northampton again to attend the 60th Anniversary Concert of the Northampton Gilbert and Sullivan Group followed by a small reception afterwards . It was good see old friends.

Sunday Saw Martin, Sarah, Hazel and Didi joining us for lunch at Mum's.

The last two days in Grantham were slightly quieter but did include some further gardening etc.

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