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They wouldn't like this in Thailand

Who doesn't like the opera?

Cheap t-shirts are everywhere

Living out of a suitcase is simple. Pants, shirts, and underclothes go in separate packing cubes. Wear an item until it doesn't smell right, then rinse it out. When rinising out no longer works, set the item aside until there are enough items for a load of laundry. Time laundry for a location we'll be at least two nights. Cheap to send out laundry in Morocco, Greece, and Thailand. Cheaper by far to use in-house laundry in Australia.

Coffee is by the cup. One price, one cup. Want a refill? Buy another cup. Flat white for Mo, long black for me.

Driving is on the left. Walking seems to to be the same, at least for locals. Some stairways and escalators are marked "keep left." Mo likes to walk down the street while muttering "keep left, keep left" to me.

We have to catch trains and buses on the left, as well.

Australia has something called a "hook turn" for cars doing right hand turns in town. I don't understand it and can't explain it, but we know we have to look left and left again before crossing at an intersection.

Restaurant prices are eye-watering until we realize 1) we're getting a 25% exchange rate discount, and 2) we don't have to tip - servers get paid real money here. Then meal prices seem merely high.

When the sun is out, it's intense. School kids run around the playground in full brim hats. My cheap Thai ball cap is still holding up.

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