it's off to Central America travel blog

leaving Guatemala City









at the border


money changers lots of them



now into El Salador

first stop



local family


my bus

more money chngers





out for a walk Zona Rosa



a good beer


Up early for a 6:00 am bus ride to San Salvador, nice bus first class Tica bus lines, a two hour trip to the border crossing, stayed on the bus a Tica bus agent took our passports and customs form to get them stamped and the on to the El Salvador side where a inspector checked our passport on the bus, the whole thing was about 30 minutes, there were few people who had there bags checked. Then a quick stop for drinks and bathroom break in El Salvador back on the road to San Salvador getting there at 11:00am. Got checked into my room drop bags and off for some lunch at Wendy's lol when walking around the area looks like you are in the USA with all the fast food places found in any American city, and the money used here is the us dollar, lots of dollar coins in use. Back to the hotel to check some maps and to plan my next couple days here in El Salvador, went out for a walk around the area of the hotel I am in the Zona Rosa area, had some dinner at a local beer brewery nice the back to hotel and bed

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