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We are back in Amsterdam where we started this adventure five months ago. We had some time to continue exploring the city. Amsterdam is a really, really fun city and is one of my favorites. The city is crazy and hectic but very manageable because you can walk most places and the public transportation is easy to figure out. We spent two days just walking around looking at all the sights and one day at the Rijksmuseum. This museum is one of the finest art museums in Europe and you can tell by the line to get inside. We bought tickets ahead of time which means you can skip the line and go right in. Well, it still took us one hour to get in as we waited outside in the pouring rain. If you don't have presale tickets the wait is more like two hours. And this is the slower season! One of the museum's highlights is Rembrandt's Night Watchman.

The wait was long but it was worth it,

But all trips must come to an end so we spent a day cleaning our little camper before taking it back to dealer. At this time our plan is to keep the camper for at least one more year. We hope to return next year to continue our adventure.

Here are some of my thoughts about the countries we visited which included Netherlands, Denmark,Sweden, Norway, Germany, Luxembourg,Belgium, France, England, Wales, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Favorite countries: Netherlands,Belgium, Denmark, island of Ireland

Best beer: Belgium

Worst beer: Norway, England

Best pastry: Sweden

Best bread: Irish brown soda bread

Best chocolate: Belgium

Best music: Ireland, Copenhagen jazz festival

Best pubs: Ireland

Best place to ride a bicycle: Netherlands

Worst place to ride a bicycle: England

Fastest drivers: Germany autobahn, England everywhere

Slowest drivers: Norway

Craziest drivers: England, Ireland

Best beaches: Belgium

Prettiest countryside: Norway, Ireland

Favorite big cities:Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen,Dublin

Most expensive petrol: Norway, England

Least expensive petrol: Luxembourg

Cutest dogs: England

Most expensive country: Norway

Least expensive country: Germany

Most CCTV: England everywhere! You probably get captured on video 500 times a day.

Two things about Europe that disappointed me. There is way too much dog poop everywhere! It really is a huge problem and there are lots of signs and heavy fines but it doesn't seem to work. Also, there is a lot of graffiti everywhere in the big cities but also in the smaller cities. Some of it is really good so I think they now just leave it up and consider it art.

Had a great trip. Thanks for reading our blog.

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