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We took a while to leave Roses as Gav and Gaye came over and Gav was full of his jokes. The good news was that Lorraine and Ken were on their way back from Rockhampton and nothing nasty has been found.

We stopped at Blackall to do some grocery shopping, had lunch in the park and then headed to Tambo. Picked our spot at Stubby Point free camp and Barry parked so that we could get out quickly if the forecast rain happened. We sat outside reading for a while and then watched the sky get darker. After nightfall there was a big thunderstorm with amazing lightening. At 8.30 Barry decided that we should move on out and in to the town and as soon as we stood up to get organised the heavens opened! Boy we moved fast and lucky Barry was in the car while I was outside trying to get the ramps out from under the wheels. Was a very slippery ride out of there but we made it. The rain was so heavy that Barry had difficulty seeing where we were going. We ended up outside Gav's parents house as we thought that was the best place to be rather than in the main street.

The next morning we went in to see Gav's parents and thank them for the unknown hospitality. They are a lovely couple.

We left just after 9 and had a late breakfast at Augathella, home of the meat ant. We had lunch at Charleville and after a walk around decided that we could go further, so drove on to Wyandra. We stayed in a lovely free camp behind the school. Not many other 'vans there so was a quiet night. At dusk we went for a walk and ended up in the pub and had a quick drink before heading back to the 'van.

Yesterday morning we had a slow start and left Wyandra late morning. We didn't have a long way to go to Cunnamulla and then Eulo. Had lunch at Cunnamulla and being Saturday everything was shut by the time we got there. We drove on to Eulo - the emu road (saw more emus that we have during the whole trip). When we got there we decided that we would keep going to Yowah - even though the tomtom was adament that it was going to take us 4.5 hours to drive 100kms! It took an hour and a half!When we drove it the Yowah (an opal mining town with a population of 50 in the summer and 200 in the winter) it felt like the wild west. We had a quick look around and then found the free camp and chose a spot. Barry got the campfire going and we cooked a good wild west dinner on the fire - sausages, spuds and beans!

Today took the car off the 'van and went for a drive around. We have been fossicking and found some interesting rocks. We are pretty sure that we do have some opal, but need a lot of water to clean them up and we cannot spare the water we have. We found an opal market and I now have a lovely small opal to add to my collection. We went to both cafe's and at the second one we had to sit with all the people already there for a cup of tea - very interesting. Barry had to move from the lady he was sitting next to because she kept touching his neck in an intimate way - rofl! Thankfully she wasn't his type!!

We found the cemetary which is in the middle of the road - literally. It has 6 graves in it. We went for a drive to the bluff and the views were amazing - we did not realise we are so high up.

My latest accident with the 'van is that I fell out of it this morning and landed on my knees! Barry turned to talk to me and I wasn't there! Thankfully my knees are in a better way than my squashed toe.

Up early tomorrow for a very long drive to Bourke. We will both be driving so that we can get there in one day.

Over and out,

M & B xx

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