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We have visted a number of campgrounds to just look and now we have stayed in two campgrounds in the UK. Here are our first impressions.

The Pitch

The standard pitch(UK) or site(US) within campgrounds are usually 30ft x 30ft. Our first two campground have had two or three pitches which are larger for big boys like us. The majority of pitches will usually have electricity 10Amp or 16Amp(20Amp or 30Amp US.)only. There will be a nearby drinkng water tap and a grey waste drain. Some campgrounds will have pitches with water and grey waste drains but not black (chemical) drain. There are no camp fire rings(thank goodness!)Black(Chemical) WasteB>

The black or chemical waste as it is called here has to be disposed of at completely different point often not very easy for motorhomes large or small as the majority of trailer and motorhome owners use carriers or have cassette toilets. These points are usually at least two feet off the ground and appear open!) We are still getting our heads round this one.

Campground entrances

The entrances to the campgrounds are a bit tight for us big boys. They can also be quite tight for the the English caravans (trailers) and motorhomes. There is also very limited space to park and register.

Inside the campground

The campgrounds are immaculately groomed and if they have hardstandings pitches this will usually be gravel. The roads are quite narrow with limited swing.


The shower and toilet blocks are fine but laundry is usually limited to one washer and one dryer and is expensive.

A few photos are shown around the campground.

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