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What a fun time we had at LEGOLAND! When we set up the tour with Gregg, he told us to be on the lookout for Renate' as she knew more about LEGOLAND than anyone and boy was he correct! Renate' took us on a "behind the scenes" tour of how LEGO's are made. Made from a special plastic, the tiny beads of plastic go into the hopper where they are melted at over 400 degrees then shot through a tiny hole into the brick molds that come out at 50 degrees, and it all happens in a flash, right before your eyes! Then it was on to where machines put little wheels on the LEGO pieces, and into the packing room where you watch the different pieces being placed in bags and boxes and ready for sale in boxed sets. LEGOLAND sits on 128 acres with over 30 million LEGO bricks used to create over 5,000 LEGOLAND models within the park. Miniatures from the White House to the Las Vegas strip and life size animals are everywhere you look, all assembled by people who work at the park. Renate' introduced us to Gary who creates many of the things we saw in the park. Talk about a FUN job! He inserts sounds in the animals, water spouting out of their mouths, cannons that spew smoke and on and on. In visiting with Gary, we asked how he got his job. He had entered a contest, creating a unique LEGO model and while he didn't win the contest, he did win a job at LEGOLAND. Some fun facts we learned from Renate': More than 400 million children and adults will play with LEGO's this year! Laid end to end, the number of LEGO bricks sold in a year would reach around the world five times and there have been over 440 billion LEGO elements manufactured since 1949. 10 billion LEGO elements are made every year in Denmark where the factory is located which is over 2 million an hour or 36,000 per minute! Many thanks to Gregg, Gary and especially Renate' for the great tour.

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