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Enjoying our lunch.....

......with a few little visitors









After spending the morning on the computer we packed up some lunch and headed out for a drive into Mareeba (this is about one hour drive inland). We invited a couple in the caravan park to come with us as they had been stranded without transport for a week. They had driven up to Cape York and lost a number plate from their car. This then meant they had to send the other one back to Melbourne to apply for a new set and so of course they could not drive their car. They jumped at the chance to come out with us for the day.

It was interesting seeing how quickly the landscape changed from lush rain forest to drier vegetation within this drive. The area around Mareeba is used for coffee growing so we stopped off at one of the plantations for a lovely cup of coffee and a wander around the gift shop. We then went exploring to find a place to have our lunch and headed out to a place called Granite Gorge. Had our lunch then went clambering over the rocks and came upon a load of rock wallabies which were being fed by the tourists. It turns out that unbeknown to us this was the only place in Australia where you can feed the wild wallabies - and we just happened to stumble upon it! They were so cute and incredibly agile - the way they jumped around they looked just like monkeys. When we headed back to the car I spied some cute birds so started taking a photo of them when a lady came up and explained they were curlews and this particular variety was very rare - she was a dedicated bird watcher and these birds were one of the reasons she was there!! I tell you we sure know how to choose a picnic spot!!

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