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View of Cayuga Lake and vineyards from the patio of the Buttonwood...

I liked this house in Richfield Springs, NY, I just felt as...

The park in the center of town. Richfield Springs, NY.

The Liberty Monument, in Ticonderoga, depicts a Native American, a French soldier,...

Looking down the street in Bristol, VT. I like the way the...

After a mostly rainy drive we are back in Maine at our seasonal campsite. Even though we did not always have the most cooperative of weather we saw some lovely countryside, farms, and towns and even made a few educational stops.

We headed out on Thursday afternoon towards Maine enjoying the lovely weather and the scenic views along the Cayuga Wine Trail. As I had a stuffy nose and was fighting a cold I really didn’t feel as if I could do much wine tasting (after all, I could barely taste my food, let alone the subtle differences in wines). We did make one stop on the wine trail, however, at the Buttonwood Grove Winery in Romulus, NY, because they had a sign on the end of their drive that advertised “Grape Pies for Sale”. I have read about grape pies in my Amish cookbooks, but had never tried one so this was a taste experience I didn’t want to miss regardless of my persistent cold bug. Of course, once inside the winery (which, by the way, is “pet friendly”) I was offered the opportunity to taste wines. I explained to the woman working at the tasting counter that I really didn’t think I would be able to taste wines with my stuffy nose and she said, “Ah, I have just the wine for you” and gave me a delightful taste of a blackberry wine that warmed my chest and felt like the perfect cure for my nagging cold. Okay… so we bought a bottle of Blackberry Briar wine and a grape pie, both are a taste treat!

After an easy drive through some gorgeous country we overnight parked in the WalMart in Oneida, NY, where I purchased some Nyquil and finally got a good night’s sleep! We woke Friday morning to rain clouds but at last I was feeling better!

Friday we meandered our way through New York on various scenic back roads enjoying the Adirondacks. We stopped for the night in Ticonderoga. Ticonderoga is a place of many historical battles. According to the Essex County Historical Society Adirondack History Center Museum, “Indian tribes met and fought at this location prior to European settlement. Samuel de Champlain, accompanied by Mohawks, fired upon the Iroquois here in 1609. The French and the British battled here, and the Loyalists and Patriots struggled here during the American Revolution. The armies marching and countermarching throughout this township during the 18th and early 19th centuries discouraged early settlers.” Along with the historic sites and buildings the town has a great local restaurant named “The Hot Biscuit Diner” (this is not the chain restaurant). Willis and I both enjoyed our “home cooked” style dinners after the long drive.

The next day (Saturday) we ventured onward in the rain. We made a stop at Maple Grove Farms in St. Johnsbury, VT. They have a wonderful gift shop and an interesting display showing how maple sap is turned into syrup and sugar and they also have free samples! (How many samples of maple sugar candy are required before deciding whether to buy the “blended” or the “pure” sugar candy…hmmmm… I think I lost count…heehee)

We made it safely to Skowhegan despite the constant rain and stopped in at Ken’s Family Restaurant for dinner as I was just too tired to cook (plus I wanted to try their lobster roll). We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner; however, I have had a realization when it comes to lobster… It seems to me that it is almost disrespectful to put mayo on lobster and eat it on a bun. Lobster (in my opinion) should be savored with only a bit of warm butter in order to best appreciate the delicacy of the meat. Although the lobster roll was tasty, I could just as easily have been eating a crab roll, or a cod roll, etc. The mayo, lettuce, tomatoes seem to cover over the uniqueness of the lobster. Okay… there is my foodie opinion for the day… that and a $1 will buy you a soda!

Today was spent doing laundry, washing Clyde (it was sunny when we washed him but about 40 minutes later it started to cloud up and rain again!), and going to the grocery story for supplies. Oh my goodness, what a wide assortment of fresh seafood the local grocery store has! I selected some lovely Atlantic salmon filets to cook for our dinner tonight. I see lots of seafood in our future while on this work assignment!

That is all for today… we are really enjoying our time in this part of the country so far… if only we could get rid of the pesky mosquitoes that seem to follow me from lawn chair to picnic table to the hiking trail, etc.

Happy Travels, Rebecca

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