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Whoooweee! Bangkok is quite the ride! We both enjoyed this crazy city as it seems to have a little bit of absolutely everything—plus some. Our first night there was spent taking in the oh so notorious Khao San Road which is an adventure in itself. Swarming with food vendors, rip off brand name clothes, local crafts, bars, nightclubs, backpackers and hippies (who seem to have come here in the 70's and just never left)---Khao San Road is pumping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The food is great and impossibly cheap and you can entertain yourself for hours by parking yourself at a sidewalk stall with a Chang beer or two and just watch the world go by.

We did manage to delve a little further in the city. We spent a day visiting the Royal Palace which was just amazing. The intricacy and immensity of the buildings there can never truly be captured with a camera. The Thais went all out with the glitz and gold and the result is an incredible sight. We also visited the nearby Buddha statue which is famous for being the longest reclining Buddha in the country (measuring in at a whopping 47m long!)

We spent some exhausting hours wandering through the Chinatown and Thieves market where you can buy anything imaginable. From I-Pods, to power tools, semi-automatic weapons to stiletto shoes—you want it, they've got it. We also visited the enormous Chatuchak market which is even more bizarre. In the never ending bowels of this market you can buy baby alligators, watch a cock fight, get your nails done or buy a rip off Gucci bag.

We also spent a day enjoying the up-market side of Bangkok, hitting up some of the modern malls with every huge brand name under the sun (the Prada and Armani are not rip offs here). There we visited the most amazing food market I've ever seen which takes up an entire floor of the Paragon Mall. Here we treated ourselves to some western food and gave our guts a break from the spicy Thai curries that have become a staple.

Bangkok is known for being a crazy place where anything goes, but it also full of diversity, history and beautiful culture. We're looking forward to returning near the end of our trip.


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