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The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum


View from the cockpit? - Nah, just from the passenger seat of...


Rounding turn four.

Going into the home stretch.

In the lead and almost to the finish line!

The "Pagoda", race control tower at the start/finish line.

A bunch of Chevy trucks with Allison transmissions lined up, probably for...

The only part of the "Brickyard" that still has visible bricks is...

Inside the museum.

Many nicely restored old race cars.







Also several important non-racing cars.

Mercedes' and Benz's first cars - developed independently.






















Winner of the first Indy 500 race in 1911.

Hall of fame - all are Indy 500 winners.

The other half of the hall of fame.

Winner of the 2nd Indy 500 in 1912.

This winner had front wheel drive.



Beautifully detailed models.








Walking along the canal in White River Park.

Clock tower with steam whistles that play a tune every 15 minutes.

Beautiful flowers we couldn't identify.

Medal of Honor Memorial.









Another very interesting plant we couldn't identify.

Beautiful display of coleus.

Reflections of reflections.

Fountain along the canal walk.

Another fountain.

(Elena Writing) This morning we found a Trader Joe's across the street from where we were camped. This is the first TJ's we came across since leaving CA. It was a nicely designed store; in fact, the aisles were more spacious and displays were done better than the stores in CA. But the prices were higher. We mentioned this to the manager and he said it was due to Indiana's distribution laws. Couple items I normally bought cost about 30%-50% higher than CA's prices (ouch!). Regardless, I was glad we found a Trader Joe's.

We visited the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum and also took a tour of the "500" Track tour. We first took one lap around the track in a tour bus which was narrated. I'm sure this wasn't nearly as exciting as driving around the track in the race car but it's the closest we'll ever get. After the track tour we spent a couple hours in the museum where we saw a extensive collection of race cars including many of the Indy 500 winners. There was also a nice collection of old motorcycles and starting next year, there will be motorcycle races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

We also spent some time at White River State Park which is located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. It has a wide range of attractions and entertainment facilities as well as a lot of open space right along the White River. There's also a canal which extends the White River into the downtown area with walking paths and nice landscape features. We walked most the length of the 3-mile canal but the heat and humidity were almost unbearable. It was in the high-90's and very humid.

One of the main attractions in the park was the Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial. This is our nation's first memorial honoring all recipients of the Medal of Honor, the United States' highest award for military valor. It's a beautiful memorial and it is certainly a fitting honor to these brave men and women who gave so much for our country.

We left Indianapolis late this afternoon and drove south on I-65 to Edinburgh. We stopped for dinner at the Cracker Barrel and since it would be dark soon, we decided to spend a night in their parking lot. Cracker Barrel restaurants are known for welcoming overnight stays by RVers.

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