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Nobby's beach!

Anyone seen mi other boot?

some art work in town

show off!

a wombat!

a wallaby!

a cutie koala with its baby on her back!

very chilled!

woo hoo a kangaroo!

hello everyone

we moved from Sydney yesterday as it was quite expensive to stay for any lenght of time. It was a really cool city though really modern! We have stared our journey up the east coast and arrived in the town of Newcastle early in the morning. It was raining when we got here and with a name like Newcastle it felt just like home! This is the second oldest city in Oz, after Sydney and there is still evidence of the penal colonies that started out here. We went to a museum in Sydney that told us the history of Oz and it was fasanating. 9 ships sailed from England in 1790's bringing 1500 convicts, soldiers and their families out to Oz, they also had 3 supply ships that carried everything they would need to start a whole new colony in Britains name! They carried food, seeds, bricks, nails, oil, candles, everything you could possibly need to live! They even had puppies and kittens on board! It was fascinating to read about but it made you realise we also destroyed a whole nation with our invasion. Before we arrived the aborigonals had lived peacefully in Oz for 40,000 yrs, most were killed but a few survaived but they way of life was changed forever! And all this was 300 yrs ago, mad or what!

Anyway back to us, we have wandered Newcastle and went to a small wildlife park and saw some true natives, the first time we have ever seen a kangaroo, they are huge! Cute though! and we saw a wallaby and a wombat, too cool man the animals here are really funny!

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