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Sharon's house in Bayview, Twillingate Is.

View from Sharon's back yard. Looking northwest. Gillard's Cove in the distance.

Looking west from backyard.

Sharon just painted all these fun decorative signs.

Her neighbor was over helping her put the signs up on a...

Today's view of the icebergs from Durrell harbour area.

They are somewhat smaller than a couple days ago.


Durrell Harbour


Moving a boat back to the water.

View of icebergs from Little Harbour.

The locals harvest icebergs for their alcohol drinks. Iceberg cubes take a...


Views of the icebergs from the beach area. We hiked about a...

Earlier today one of the big icebergs broke-up and created lots of...

Elena had her flip-flops on so she could stick her feet in...

A piece of the iceberg. People like to keep them in a...



A couple views of the Central United Church "campground" where we are...


Today's Boomer Happy Hour gang.


Two Canucks entertaining in the "campground".

A uniquely Newfy instrument called an Ugly Stick. This guy taps it...

An Ugly Stick is a stick with loose bottle caps attached -...

This sign was lit at 10 PM along with some fireworks.

Tonight's main entertainment.

Four local guys that used to perform together 10 years ago -...

This young boy sang and played guitar. Excellent for his age.

This gal sang two songs - also very good.

The mayor of Twillingate gave a short speech.

(Ron Writing) What a difference a day makes. Yesterday the weather was blustery – today it was clear and warm again – perfect weather for the start of the festival.

This morning nearly all the campers were out walking and visiting and just enjoying the nice weather. Our next door neighbors are full-timers from Ontario. They’ve been to this festival several times and know all the ropes as well as several people who live here. This afternoon they took us over to the home of Sharon, a friend of theirs who spends her summers here and winters in Florida. She came here a few years ago on vacation and liked the place so much she purchased a home. Property here is very inexpensive compared to the US. Sharon’s home is in Bayview, just south of Twillingate. It’s on a bluff right on Notre Dame Bay with beautiful unobstructed views.

We went back to Durrell and Little Harbour to take another look at the icebergs. We were told how we could go around the bay and get a much closer look at them. They’ve gotten somewhat smaller, due to the meltdown, and broken-up but they’re still very beautiful and it was nice to get a closer look at them.

On our way back we stopped at Notre Dame Seafoods, a large shrimp processing plant to see if we could purchase some shrimp direct from them and also take a tour. They no longer offer tours due to some government regulations but we did get a 5# bag of frozen shrimp for $3.95 US per pound.

This afternoon we had our SKP Boomers happy hour again. Some of the folks were off to visit a museum but Terry and Darlene stopped by to join us. They are camped south of here in Lewisporte.

After dinner some of the Canadian campers were entertaining in the parking lot so we listened to them for awhie. Then we headed over to the festival sign-lighting event where there was more musical entertainment, fireworks, and the lighting of the festival sign high on a rocky bluff above the lawn where we were being entertained.

Most of the music is “Newfie” music. There are usually guitars and squeeze boxes (mini-accordion) and the lyrics tell a story about Newfoundland or their people. It seems to have a heavy Irish influence.

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