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Walking around Giddings, TX, we saw some lovely Christmas decorations already!

Our last night out we stayed at "Gateway to the Gulf RV...

Mongo and Tiny parked next to each other at our RV site...

Standing at the bed looking towards the bathroom door.

Our dining area in Mongo.

Blayde enjoying our bed in Mongo.

Microwave, refrigerator, and kitchen sink.

Kitchen sink and closed stove top (counter area).

Propane cook top.

After a fun week in our new little Mongo we are now back in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV). Mongo fits nicely next to Tiny in our winter RV site. In the picture above you may notice we put up a little removable “fence” around Mongo. Our neighbors are calling it the “baby’s crib” or the “pony’s corral”. In actuality, we put that little wood and block barrier up around him so as to keep people from tripping over his trailer tongue or backing into him at night (we put little solar lights on the wood for night safety). So now Mongo has settled in next to Tiny nicely for the time being, but is always ready to hop on behind Goldie and go out for another trip.

This past week, before getting back to the spacious comfort of Tiny and the RGV, we explored rural Texas towns and took in the lovely countryside, avoiding busy interstates and enjoying leisurely back road sights. During our week out in Mongo we stayed in an RV park two times (first night and last night out), a state park one night (mid-voyage), and the rest of the in-between nights we “overnighted” in free little tuck-away sort of spots. This style of RVing reminded us of our days in Clyde and the freedom to travel without worrying about finding “big rig friendly” routes and parking spaces. Such fun!

Although we had a lovely time in Mongo this past week we are happy to be settled back into Tiny. Blayde prefers Tiny’s spacious play area over the smaller confines of Mongo, I enjoy my roomy kitchen, and Willis has his comfy reading chair to nestle into. We are also enjoying our time with our friends and participating in the many winter activities we have come to enjoy during our mild winters in this southern tip of Texas.

We are currently planning Mongo’s upcoming ventures and are looking forward to enjoying more of our happy fulltimers lifestyle. Sending hugs to all!

Happy Travels,


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