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Knew I would not know how to spell it, so I took...

Tidewater pond.


Map of the walking paths.

A walk through the grounds on a elevated walkway.

Home of the original owners, now a preserve.

Front of the house facing the gulf.

View from the front yard. The tide is out.


Further out on the gulf shore.

The restaurant.

Look up river from our table.

Another view.

How clear the river was.

We took a drive out to Yankee Town which is a small burg on a peninsula. There is a large park with walking trails and beautiful scenery. It was once owned by a wealthy family which donated the property to the community.

We found a RV repair place. We figured 2-3 days for parts and all. We took it to them in the morning. They called in the afternoon and said it was ready to go. Cost only $300.00 to service the AC, realign our awning that would not roll out and rehung my emergency brake release that I have been nursing along for almost a year.

We are now working on finding reservations for down the road. This is prime season in Florida and most things are booked up.

Wednesday the 17th was our last day with family, so we took them out to dinner. It was just down the road in Donnelley. Outside dining by the river. Another stream created by large springs, just up from where we were.

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